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Angel a name synonymous with quality innovation and service is trend setters in plastic Industries in india. Company's objective to meet the growing needs of customers in water management and housing Sector through specially developed high performance PVC Ball Valve range.
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Field of Application
Hot and cold water distribution in residential commercial and public projects, high and low rise buildings, corporate houses and academic institutes solar application etc.
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The system

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The System

Angel C-PVC plumbing system is safe long lasting and cost effective solution for the hot and cold water. This system is suitable for all plumbing and potable water application. The PVC Ball Valve are made of chiorinated polyvinyl chloride and it is available in complete range from 1/2" to 4" sizes. The pipes are available in SDR 11 and SDR 13.5 pressure class and fitting are available in SDR 11 pressure class

The system is made by copper tube (CTS) angle is the most suitable easy and economic solution for transportation and distribution of portable water. It is technically superior, cost effective and offer many advantages over G.I. and other conventional systems.

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